Make your automotive accessories more attractive to the female consumer

Jan 8, 2013

The range of vehicle accessories in the automotive aftermarket industry today is nothing less than staggering. From simple embellishments like better floor mats and car covers to complete sparkling chrome makeovers and everything in between, there are gizmos and attachments to make virtually any car or truck carry more things, move a little faster, last a little longer and look a little better.

In the shuffle of all these accessories, sometimes we forget who’s holding the purse strings of most vehicle purchases in North America: women.

Females make the purchase decisions in an increasing majority of North American households, and many times they are making the accessory decisions, as well. Are you effectively marketing your own accessories to women?

Here’s a list of five tips you can use to make your automotive accessories more attractive to the female consumer.

1. Avoid the hard sell

Women take their time to make a purchase decision -” much longer than men, and they’re far more likely to do business with a company that gives her the time and space she needs to think over her purchase decision. Make yourself available, give her your contact number, patiently and honestly answer her questions, and then give her some breathing room before you ask for the sale. Chances are good she isn’t going to buy on her first visit, but if you make her feel comfortable and avoid pressuring her, when she does decide to buy, she’ll be back.

2. Find simple solutions 

Today’s woman is a mother, wife, homemaker, professional and CFO for her family. She is always on the go and doesn’t always have time for “some assembly required” projects. When showing her options, choose accessories that are easy to install and utilize. “Step one -¦ and done” is the ticket for today’s female consumer. If she wants a project, she’ll tell you.

3. Go the distance

Most women aren’t looking to be in a new car every few years. Her car is her family’s home on the road, and she means to get all the value she can from her investment. Accessories that preserve vehicle longevity will appeal to the thrifty mom looking to take her vehicle well into six digits on the odometer.

4. Built for comfort

Remember, the female consumer wears many hats, and logs a lot of miles. Between shuttling kids to school and extra-curricular activities, driving herself to and from work, running errands (not to mention just taking a trip for fun), she spends a lot of time in the car. Accessories aiming to make that time more comfortable, convenient or otherwise more pleasant are the way to go, particularly those that are aimed specifically to females. Now, we’re not talking about the pink steering wheel cover or headlight eyelashes. Purse holders, back-seat entertainment systems, and other such conveniences make her time behind the wheel a little less stressful -” and that’s what it’s all about.

5. Think ‘green’

This may be the most important of all the tips. When I talk to women across the country about what they want to see in a new car, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness are almost always at the top of the list. Items that speak to that need will resonate powerfully among women. Items made with eco-friendly materials, goods that bolster aerodynamics and boost fuel efficiency, and high-tech add-ons like GPS systems will be very appealing to women when presented in the context of a greener driving experience.