MAHLE Clevite, Inc. Introduces Victor Reinz Gaskets e-Learning Course

Apr 5, 2010

MAHLE Clevite, Inc. has added a new course on Victor Reinz gaskets to its eLearning curriculum, the company announced.

The new course covers the features of Victor Reinz gaskets and offers automotive and engine-rebuilding professionals the necessary tools to master sealing solutions.

The course also will be available in French and Spanish in the near future.

Each course now offers a variety of controls and flexibility such as navigation tips, and knowledge checks to help the user understand the course material. All available eLearning courses have been updated with an enhanced user interface.

“Sharing our engineering and manufacturing knowledge through MAHLE Clevite eLearning courses is a great way for us to give back to the individuals who support our products,” said Bill McKnight, team leader in training for MAHLE Clevite, Inc. “We will continue to improve our eLearning courses by updating the content as often as we receive new information about products, materials and solutions.”

MAHLE Clevite eLearning courses are designed for automotive and engine-rebuilding professionals looking to develop skills, and to learn more about MAHLE Clevite products.

Each course is divided into chapters and, depending on length, the chapters are divided into lessons. Each chapter takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Typically, each chapter concludes with a three- to five-question knowledge check to help measure learning.

Additionally, there is a final assessment at the end of the course that requires a score of 80 percent or more to pass.

To learn more, visit and click on the “eLearning” quick reference link. Or, visit the site directly by logging on to If you don’t currently have a username and password, just click the ‘Registration’ link to set yourself up.