Made to order

Dec 3, 2009

You’re looking for window tinting and graphics packages, or window tinting and paint protection film packages. Perhaps you need PPF or window film for the car dealer who needs to help move inventory.

Kits are an option; so is hand cutting. But maybe you have or plan to purchase a plotter/cutter and use roll film because business volume warrants it, or because different versions of the same vehicle model necessitate tailored film cuts.

Where, though, do you locate the software for the variety of vehicles on the road today?

This is where – where the options are tailored to the automotive aftermarket.

3M Digital Designs

Specifically designed for 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, 3M Digital Designs is a fully Web-based paint protection film software program. With drop-down boxes, users can find more than 600 contemporary vehicle patterns (2008-2010 model years) and more than 700 vintage vehicle patterns (1999-2007 model years). 3M Digital Designs provides a historical listing of all download and cut activity by date, make, model and amount of film used and also saves pattern changes for future applications. The user purchases a license for $400 and then is charged a download fee of $0.55 per sq. ft .of film. 3M Digital Designs also includes patterns that are especially crafted for characteristics of VentureShield Paint Protection Film.

Roland DGA
Film Designs Pro

Film Designs software is a FilmCAD solution, providing window tint pattern kits and paint protection film pattern kits for restyling automobiles, trucks and RVs. It is a standalone vector graphics package, which opens the door for signage, decals and lettering. The Pro package is $1,495 and contains one of two available libraries. One library has all the window tint templates for vehicles sold in the United States and Canada since the early 1990s. The other library has all popular paint protection kits for all vehicles sold in the United States and Canada since the early 2000s. Paint Protection film kits cover the front fascia of the vehicle as well as other areas that encounter wear and tear. For both libraries, the upgrade fee is $700. The subscription fee for one library is $1,200 per year, and for both libraries it is $1,700 per year. For window tint, the software supports all passenger vehicles and trucks sold in the United States and Canada dating back to the early 1990s. Some late-1970 full-sized pickup trucks are offered. For paint protection film, all passenger vehicles and light trucks are available since the early 2000s. There also is a basic vector art package available with various pinstriping kits. All are included in the $2,200 purchase price mentioned above.

Tint Tek 20/20
Tint Tek 20/20 Window FilmCutting Software

Tint Tek offers more than10,000 templates, dating back to1970s vehicle models. Current updates are regularly added. With no trimming necessary, the user can cut the entire vehicle in two minutes or less. Tint Tek 20/20 software allows users to work without having to access the Internet for each tint job and offers support for importing clip art, more flexible nesting options and resizing abilities. All popular brands of cutters and quality-grade film and vinyl are compatible with the Tint Tek 20/20. The software is activated by dongle key, allowing access to the templates. Tint Tek retails for $1,800 with a $1,500 renewal fee every year that allows access to updated templates.

Solar Gard

Bekaert Specialty Film’s Solar Gard brand, ComputerCut software, an Internet-based, film-cutting system, allows users to download patterns directly to a plotter and cut them on demand. With already 80,000 patterns, more are added each day. This software works with pre-loaded vehicle patterns as well as letters, shapes and custom designs. ComputerCut allows users to create their own designs via practically any vector-based design program and import them into their personal ComputerCut database. ComputerCut users pay a flat monthly fee of $170 for use of all tint, paint protection, decals, glass art, custom graphics, and architectural patterns and features of the software. This includes all product upgrades, one hour of free custom graphic design work by a professional graphic artist, unlimited toll-free technical support, and all changes and additions to existing patterns. The software also includes patterns focused on decals and graphics as well as an exponentially growing database of custom graphics that are created in-house for ComputerCut users

Design Access Program

The Xpel Design Access Program offers precut patterns for window tint, paint and headlight protection, and graphics functionality. Also, the Design Access Program offers economic coverage options, such as 12″ hoods, luggage areas, door edge guards and rear-wheel impact areas. Focusing on one-piece applications, Xpel kits are designed to exclude any unnecessary seams or relief cuts. With more than 60,000 vehicle applications and a graphics library of over 15,000 different artwork options, the database contains vehicles from 1997 through the latest 2010 year models. All films are compatible with Xpel’s Design Access Program, but discounts are available to those who use Xpel film. Each kit costs $20 or $300, depending on which price is greater at the end of the month. A tint-only version offering unlimited cuts also is available for a flat monthly fee of $150.

Venture Tape
Invisible Pattern‚

Venture Tape Corp. presents VentureShield IP Pro-Web Edition of its “Invisible Patterns” software for the automotive and motorcycle industry. IP Pro-Web is a second-generation, Web-based program featuring a library of window tint and PPF patterns. The cutting software is a proprietary program designed by CadLink. It enables restylers to cut what they want, when they want it. The cost of the software is $395; all patterns are free. A minimal fee is applicable when not using VentureShield, but no minimal monthly fees. Updated libraries are distributed every quarter, free of charge. Software also enables customers to generate point-of-sale marketing tools such as catalogs and brochures, as well as estimates and invoices, customizable for the end user. Customers have benefits free of charge, with the exclusion of the tint files.