Local Tech School Students to Attend 2012 HRR Trade Show

Feb 1, 2012

The Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show will once again open its doors to students from local tech colleges in an effort to promote interest in the restoration hobby.

This year students from the University of Northwest Ohio (Lima, Ohio) and the McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology (Indianapolis) will be allowed onto the trade show floor during special “Future of the Industry” hours on Saturday, March 14 from noon-“3 p.m.

During these preset hours, students and instructors will be able to learn about the industry’s new products, manufacturers and trends, in hopes that it will encourage interest in a career in classic car restoration. This is the third year that students have been invited to take part in the HRR Trade Show. Last year, over 150 students from four different trade colleges attended the show during the special “Future of the Industry” hours.

“We are seeing more and more young hot rodders on the road today,” said HRR Trade Show Producer Travis Weeks. “Most of us in this business started when we were young and have been able to make a living out of something we love. We created the ‘Future of the Industry’ hours to allow these young hot rodders to learn about our industry and hopefully help them prosper in their future careers.”

Instructors interested in bringing students to the HRR Trade Show can e-mail jane.sweeney@bobit.com. Please note that students will only be allowed on the trade show floor during the “Future of the Industry” hours on Saturday.

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