Lights, camera, surfing?

Roger Norman, president of SCORE International, the organization that produces the Baja 1000 and other races, found an innovative new use for Vision X light bars: night surfing.

By attaching twelve light bars with custom stainless steel brackets to the roof of his three-story home in Mission Beach, California, Norman could shine over three thousand feet into the surf break. He had previously tried other lights before, but they reportedly couldn't hold up to the salt water environment.

Norman took to Facebook on Thursday (April 20) to comment on this project. ''Sometimes the best waves and tides can be hitting shore after dark,” he said. “I was wondering if we could extend our surfing hours and make a true Endless Summer.

“All we needed was a dozen 50-inch Vision X marine grade light bars with a little over 480,000 lumens to light up the waves,” Norman said, extending an invite to his friends to catch a few waves.

The 50-inch Xmittter Prime Xtreme and 50-inch Xmitter LoPro Xtreme light bars that were used on Norman’s house both feature top-binned CREE 5 watt LED chips and thermal management technology.

Vision X Marketing Director Danny Adair added that the product was an ideal choice.

“As most people know, the ocean saltwater is very corrosive and damaging to metal electronics. Our marine-grade coatings and seal procedures will allow these products to last for many years with no maintenance schedule,” he said.

Although originally designed for automotive, Adair said that because of the company’s experience in the industrial, marine and mining sectors, it allowed them the knowledge and confidence to use their products in other applications. A little-known fact, he said, is that Vision X was contracted through NASA in 2009 to use its original Xmitter LED Light Bar on the Lunar Rover program.

According to Adair, creative uses and new ideas are always welcome.

“We're pretty sure most home owners aren't as adventurous as Roger Norman, but if they want to shine the light on their home, shop or business, we'll be happy to help them,” Adair said. “We encourage all of our dealers from automotive to industrial to focus on what they are good at, but also keep one eye open for new lighting opportunities to improve their business.

“If a dealer came to us needing help on a custom vehicle project or a structural building, we're here to help them succeed,” Adair explained.

For non-automotive purposes like Norman’s project, the company will create a package that includes digital renderings showing what the customer will receive for lighting output and distance coverage.

See photo gallery for the renderings that would be used for Roger's house.