Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Dec 5, 2011

Let’s brighten things up.

LED  lights are moving from the realm of strictly upper-end vehicles and show cars to the mainstream. And they’re moving quickly, spurred on by the automotive aftermarket entrepreneurs.

In this How-To, the team at Echomaster, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., shows a straightforward approach to installing LED DRL (daytime running lights) on a 2012 Ford Focus.

And though Echomaster uses its DRL system for this step-by-step install for this article, because other manufacturers offer LED DRLs, the company recommends that for any product questions or technical assistance you might need, always contact the supplier/manufacturer for specific information and assistance.

Let’s get started.

>>Step 1:
This installation will show the DRLs (daylight driving lights) being installed on a base model 2012 Focus.

>>Step 2:
Remove headlight assembly on both sides of cars. Remove the two bolts to remove and unplug the light.

 >>Step 3:
Remove both air dam openings on each side – use a trim pry bar to remove. -¨NOTE: Be careful to not damage tabs.

>>Step 4:
Run the light harness under the black plastic cover at the front of the hood – this can be loosened by removing four screws – it doesn’t need to be removed. Follow the existing wire run that is already present. Feed both light plugs to the openings on the left and right sides.

>>Step 5:
The light harness should easily reach the driver and passenger side openings.

>>Step 6:
Place the light ECU under the headlight area on the driver-side of the car – there is an open area under the headlight. Connect the light and power harness to the ECU.

>>Step 7:
Connect the red wire with ring terminal to the existing ground screw on the driver side.

 >>Step 8:
Locate Pin 12 in the driver headlight plug; cut this wire approximately 2″ from the plug.

 >>Step 9:
Connect the blue wire from the power harness to the harness side of the wire, then solder and heat-shrink the connections. NOTE: Make sure to tape off the wire from the connector side to avoid a short.

 >>Step 10:
On the passenger side, locate Pin 14 and cut the wire approximately 2″ from the connector. Tape off both sides of the wires just cut.

 >>Step 11:
Locate Fuse 42 in the fuse panel next to the battery. Connect the black wire with “add a fuse” to this location.

>>Step 12:
Connect the new DRLs and insert into openings on bumper; they will snap in using the OE tabs.

>>Step 13:
Reconnect the headlight harness and install headlight assembly for -¨passenger and driver side.

 >>Step 14:
After installation, check to see that the DRLs work properly:  When the vehicle is running, they should be at full power; when the headlights are active they should dim by 50%.