Learn the Basics on Thermal Protection and Sound Deadening at the HRR Trade Show

Mar 8, 2013

Mike Zenone, business development manager at Avon Lake, Ohio-based Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) will conduct an hour-long seminar on the many DEI and Boom Mat products that provide a cost -effective and easy way to protect under-hood components from damaging heat, thermal and acoustic to improve interior comfort.

Zenone will share the features and benefits of Boom Mat products such as Damping Material, Sound Deadening Headliner and Window Side Kit for Jeep, Under Carpet, Speaker Baffles and Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining.

“We constantly field calls of people that have a heat and noise issue. This will be a great way to see the full product line and understand how they can work together for best results,” he said in a DEI press release. “The seminar will cover the basics of installation and some tried and true tips on handling particularly noisy areas of a vehicle. Once you have added turbos or a performance exhaust, it is easy for noise and heat to be an issue.”

DEI’s “Thermal Protection and Sound Deadening” seminar will take place on Thursday, March 14 at 2:15 p.m. in Room No. 143. The seminar is scheduled under Session 5.

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