Keeping Up With the Latest Facebook Update

Apr 10, 2012

The transition is finally complete and now all Facebook fan pages have switched over the social media site’s new Timeline format.

For small businesses with fan pages, this switch has resulted in a number of changes they have to keep up with, according to a recent CBS MoneyWatch article by Dave Johnson.

“While you may have avoided April Fools jokes because April 1 fell on a Sunday this year, one thing you cannot get out of is the migration of your Facebook business page to the new Timeline format, which kicked in on [March 30],” Johnson wrote. “Now, whether you like it or not, your business’s Facebook page is in Timeline format, just like personal pages.”

Johnson recommends small business owners pay immediate attention to the following three changes:

There’s no default landing tab anymore. “Previously, you might have had a custom default tab that acted as a landing environment for non-fans of your business, but all that is gone now,” Johnson wrote. “Instead, the default is the timeline. You can still create custom tabs, but they can’t be set as the default landing experience.”

Optimize your cover image. “It measures 851 x 315 pixels and you can use any image that’s at least 299 pixels wide, which Facebook will stretch for you automatically,” Johnson wrote.

Don’t violate the Terms of Service. “You must be careful about the content you place in that cover image,”. Johnson wrote. “You can’t put any call to action or contact information in there.”

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