Keep Your Emotions in Check to Manage Effectively

Sep 5, 2011

Does your current leadership style involve yelling at or demeaning your employees? If it does, your angry leadership tactics could be doing your business far more harm than good, according to Diane Helbig, a professional coach who addressed this issue in a recent Small Business Trends article.

“You don’t get people to perform at their best when you spend your time beating them down,” she wrote. “Fear is not a motivator. This behavior isn’t something that is learned in leadership training courses. It comes from one of a couple of places-insecurity, fear or mistrust. I submit that you can’t be successful if you operate from any of these platforms.”

Helbig offered five suggestions for moving away from an anger-based management style to a far more effective one, including self-evaluation, trusting your employees and focusing on your goals for your business.

For business owners who still have a hard time dealing with employees in a calm manner, Helbig recommended letting someone else manage your employees.

“When you are communicating in a positive, empowering way, you are helping your employees succeed,” Helbig wrote. “If you can’t find a way to treat people with respect and encouragement, hire a manager to handle the staff. That’s being proactive and solving a problem. Don’t let your behavior destroy your company.”

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