Nov 13, 2009

Actually, it’s about time, money and convenience.

Don’t have time or the dough to jaunt down to Orlando to check out what’s new in the world of racing components and supplies at the PRI show? How does Indy sound?

A new trade show will debut December 2-3, 2009 to the delight of performance and racing industry members.

The IMIS (International Motorsports Industry Show) will open its doors for the first time, bringing back a much-needed gathering of serious speed stuff to Indianapolis (the new show will be held in the all-new Lucas Oil Stadium (adjacent to the convention center).

Nothing against PRI, but c’mon…does everybody have time to run all the way down to the land of Disney?

Since a heavy concentration of racers and race engine builders are located much more conveniently to Indy as opposed to way down south in Florida, this should come as welcome news to everyone who misses the favored Indianapolis site.

The new IMIS is a hardcore racing trade show (no frilly chrome or silly street stuff here).

The first annual IMIS will feature a full-day safety conference (as in race car and crew safety), new products and technology, an opening reception and enough hardcore, no-nonsense motorsports components to make you drool.

Conference speakers include Jon Medlen, crew chief for John Force; Tom Gideon, head of NASCAR R&D; Dr. Terry R. Trannell MD, Trammell Motorsports and Consulting; and Hubert Gramling, head of research for the FIA Institute. The conference will be chaired by Kirk Russell, founder of Champ Car Safety Team.

The new show is open to racing-only exhibitors, with all categories included (drag, oval, road course, etc.).

The industry reception will be held Dec 1, and the show runs Dec. 2 and 3.

So, if you’re like me and miss seeing what’s available and what’s new at the traditional (and more centrally-located) Indy site, this news should bring a big ol’ sloppy smile to your face. A dedicated hardcore show located in the heartland…what could be better?

For more info on this exciting new show, visit or call 317-429-1004.  See ya in Indy.