Is It Dyno Time?

Sep 15, 2010

Among the serious shop equipment purchases to consider is a new dynamometer. Bob Bergeron, president of DYNOmite Dynamometer by Land & Sea Inc., Concord, N.H., outlines some of the advantages a new dyno can offer.

Why is now a good time for shops to consider purchasing a dynamometer?

Dynamometer manufacturers who handle their own start-to-finish product manufacturing, like Land & Sea, have used the slowing economy to introduce higher-quality, lower-cost entry-level pieces of equipment. The key is to select a product, and company, that offers the opportunity to expand the capabilities of that entry-level product as your needs increase.

Land & Sea incorporates a modular design into to all of our products, which allows you to add to your dyno as your budget allows, without any loss of the initial investment.

What advantages does a dyno provide shops in the current slow economy, as well as in the future?

Owners find that dynamometer experience raises a shop’s status enough to sustain a higher hourly rate-”on every job! Customers who balk at paying for traditional diagnostic time willingly spend extra when dyno testing is involved. Even non-performance work, which never gets near the dyno, bills at the higher rates.

Can shops get the financing and initial support needed to launch a successful dyno business?

Yes, there are a number of options for financing. Land & Sea is experienced in helping prospective buyers with the documentation and tips needed to obtain financing.

Please relate a recent success story you’ve experienced that showcases the benefits of a recent purchase.

Redline Motorsports, located in Schenectady, N.Y., recently replaced an 8-1/2-inch dyno with Land & Sea’s 24-inch DYNOmite Dynamometer chassis dyno. Owner Howard Tanner didn’t realize that their old dyno was a “toy” compared to their new dyno, with the “traction grooved” rolls and repeatability of the runs.

They regularly create 500- to 1,100-hp street cars, so they needed a chassis dyno that could handle these power levels, but also has the capability to calibrate each installation.