Image from "Steve McQeen in Le Mans," a 64-page graphic novel available this month

Introducing Steve McQueen...The Comic Book Hero?

When Steve McQueen famously said, “I’m not sure whether I’m an actor who races, or a racer who acts,” the title of comic book hero likely never crossed his mind. But that day has finally arrived.

A new graphic novel starring McQueen and based on the 1971 film Le Mans is now available for order. The 64-page, hardcover coffee table book—aptly titled Steven McQeen in Le Mansfeatures stunning graphics and a $32 price tag.

In 1971, a movie came out unlike anything seen before. Le Mans had minimal scripted plot lines, used real footage of the 1970 race that took place a year previously, and launched Steve McQueen to a new level of epic stardom.

The graphic novel is not just a re-telling of the movie’s story, but a perfectly-fitting tribute to the King of Cool.

Sandro Garbo and his team created a piece of art to share their love for classic cars, the movie ‘Le Mans’ and the “King of Cool.” But not just any graphic novel, this book would be a tribute to Steve McQueen and a legacy for all lovers of car racing and fans of the legendary Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512.

“We’re really trying to push the quality of this graphic novel, as well as the endearing motivation behind it,” Garbo said. “It’s a volume that will delight any fan of classic automobiles, racing or the work of McQueen. My team has invested hundreds of hours into crafting the perfect volume, and we’re currently working with partners to promote it to readers and groups around the world. McQueen knew no boundaries, and neither do we.”

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