Inside the Business: Striking!

Dec 3, 2009

Performance West Group Inc. restyles a lot of vehicles: vehicles for show, vehicles for real go. The firm’s mission is to boost and enhance automotive product visibility via its Image Vehicle Marketing & Publicity programs, which start with formal presentations and “design renderings, followed by fast-paced construction and timely debut to the media, industry and public.” In other words, the Bonsall, Calif., company often secures the newest stock manufacturer vehicle, acquires aftermarket products and with its own design and redesign wizardry transforms it into a one-of-a-kind piece de resistance among vehicles.

The group then promotes the vehicles and the products they sport, often parading them around the automotive world. “With these Image Vehicle Programs, we cultivate new market audiences and enhanced market share for our clients,” notes Performance West’s mission.

The 2009 Ford F-150 Striker is just such a vehicle. It took honors in the 2009 Restyling Awards earlier this year. Performance West has captured many top awards with its distinct vehicle transformations.

This one, says the company’s executive vice president, Larry Weiner, “was inspired by the modern Mustang GT, incorporating the suggestion of the sport coupe’s imaging into a muscular profile appropriate for Ford’s rougher, tougher 2009 F-150.”

The hefty truck received a specially designed custom body kit from Hulst Customs. The kit includes a fascia, diamond-wire upper and lower grilles, side scoops, rocker cladding and a lower rear bumper accent.

A locking Gaylord’s Lids tonneau covers the bed. Note how the Sherwin-Williams Planet Color “Striker Silver” exterior paint goes so well with the contrasting Dearborn Blue stripes “that echo the paint scheme of the Le Mans-winning Ford GT’s,” Weiner offers.

Maintaining the Striker theme inside the truck, Performance West installed a Katzkin custom interior. Designer Mat provided embroidered carpet mats. To add noise reduction and a temperate interior climate, Quite Ride Solutions‘ insulation kit was added, which also enhanced the custom Sony Xplod audio/video system.

Pop the hood and you’d see an Airaid cool-air intake. Magnaflow Performance‘s cat back dual exhaust system gives the F-150 “an aggressive sound,” notes Weiner. Add a DJM lowering kit, Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires on custom, forged Rodtana wheels and you’ve got a major, major F-150 ride.