Inside the Business: A Blue Streak

Dec 3, 2009

Not even the arid air of the Southwest or the intensity of an Arizona sun can heat up any more a hot car like this 2006 Windveil Mustang, owned by one of the folks who works at OE Pro’s Inc. in Mesa, Ariz. Since getting the six-banger road hugger, the car’s title-holder, with the help of Jeannine Essex, OE Pro’s owner, turned an already stylin’ ‘Stang into a magnificent machine that seems to be moving fast even while sitting still.

The car started as any regular Windveil Blue V6 Mustang, Essex explains.

“We first painted and installed the 3dCarbon Boy Racer body kit, including a Steeda Autosports street wing. Then we installed a Flowmaster dual exhaust.”

The car was taking on a new shape -” and a new persona.

But more was yet to come.

OE Pro’s “two-toned the car with a BASF paint custom mix metallic black,” Essex continues, “and painted the flames with a custom mix of white pearls -¦finishing off [the flames] with fuchsia pinstriping.” Stunning.

“We added a hood by Trufiber. The final touches were the wheels and tires.” Don Strobaugh at MHT Luxury Alloys lined up the Foose Hornet 10 wheels in the rear and Hornet 8.5s in the front.

Ready? Not quite. The Mustang still is a work in progress.

“Next project,” Essex says, “will be changing the interior color from tan to black with custom leather and custom dash.

Stay tuned in to Restyling because Essex and her company will be profiled in an upcoming issue. Then you’ll see all what she and her team have been doing inside the business over 17 years.