Identifying Ford Y-Block Parts (Part 2)

John Mummert is a well-respected and long-time specialist with regard to Y-block Ford engines. He's located in El Cajon, Calif. His shop phone is (619) 596-0312.

Block I.D. number generally on side of block above oil filter for blocks cast at Cleveland. Dearborn block I.D. number near distributor and above generator. Most Dearborn blocks used in trucks. No Dearborn blocks after 1957. There were no special truck blocks. Heavy-duty trucks with steel cranks used C1AE or C2AE car blocks.

*Compression ratios listed are from Ford literature and are theoretic figures that exclude deck volume and head gasket displacement. Most compression ratios are approximately 9 percent high. When engines are rebuilt with composition head gaskets, deduct about 12 percent for actual compression.