HRR Trade Show’s New Interior Fab Workshop

Jan 14, 2010

The Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show has introduced a new event for its 2010 schedule. This year, Mobile Solutions will be hosting an Interior Fabrication Workshop, designed to teach important skills such as advanced fabrication and router techniques. This four-hour intensive workshop is not only free but open to all HRR Trade Show Attendees.

Some of the other valuable skills being covered during the workshop include:

  • How to reproduce existing shapes and create repeatable templates. These experts will show you how to machine square and rectangular jigs with incredible accuracy for face plates and dash bezels so they fit better than OEM! You will be amazed at just how good your work can become!
  • Create irregular shapes that conform to interior panels. Mobile Solutions has developed a solution for this obstacle that shaves hours off of the process!
  • How to seam different materials together (vinyl, suede and carpet).
  • New vinyl embossing techniques and technical vinyl wrapping examples.
  • How to add a custom acrylic logo to any trim panel.
  • How to laminate custom prints to Plexiglas (clear acrylic)
  •  Hands-on logo branding and laminating
  • And much more….

Each participating technician will have the chance to build their own acrylic logo and show their skills. Bring your business cards or store’s literature! Who Should Attend?

  • Installation Managers
  • Installation Technicians of all skill levels!
  • Shop personnel serving an installation related function
  • Store owners

For more information on the Saturday Interior Fabrication Workshop, visit