How to Use Your Facebook Page to Drive Your Shop’s Sales

Aug 9, 2011

Having a presence on Facebook can lead to sales for your shop, according to a recent Crain’s New York Business article written by Anne Fisher.

In the article, Fisher cited a new study from Rice University in Houston that found Facebook fans of small businesses make 36 percent more store visits than other customers and spend 33 percent more dollars.

She also shared analysis from Edison Research that found Facebook has 24 times more influence on buying decisions than nearest rival Twitter.

Fisher spoke to experts for advice on how small businesses can take full advantage of the buying power that can be gained from Facebook.

Posting articles that appeal to the interests of your fan base “can make your Facebook page a go-to source of information, which clients really appreciate,” one expert told Fisher.

News about your business and small amounts of personal news, such as charities you’re involved in or books you’re reading, can also be of interest to your Facebook fans, and may lead to them spending money at your shop.

“You never know what will catch the eye of a potential client and become a conversation-starter,” the expert told Fisher.

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