How to Use the Latest Digital Platforms to Benefit Your Business

Apr 26, 2011

As owner and operator of Wine Library, and Wine Library TV, Gary Vaynerchuk believes in offering customers the kind of personal attention mom-and-pop businesses used to offer.

His new book, “The Thank You Economy,” discusses how to use new digital platforms to better service your customers and benefit your business, topics he discussed in a recent NPR interview.

“Most people are grossly underestimating the impact on business that all these new apps and gadgets and websites are going to have,” he told NPR’s Michelle Norris. “We live in a world with Facebook and Twitter and other platforms where we’re sharing thoughts we never would have picked up the phone and called about, and it’s my belief that every business needs to humanize and overcare for the customer if they want to be successful going forward.”

One way businesses can “overcare” about their customers is to follow what they’re saying on Facebook and Twitter, Vaynerchuk suggested in the interview.

For example, he’ll search for the word “merlot” on Twitter and try to strike up conversations with people about wine.

“We don’t try to sell them a merlot when they say on Twitter, ‘Thinking about having a nice merlot tonight,’ ” he said in the interview. “What we do is we say, ‘What kind of merlots do you like?’ And all of a sudden we become a service and try to help them pair that wine that evening with what they’re eating.”

Some customers will be receptive to this type of outreach and some won’t, Vaynerchuk said in the interview, but what’s important is for businesses to be polite and genuine when reaching out to customers.

“There’s always a place for a heartfelt everything, whether it’s a hug or a handshake or a gift basket or even a head nod-even a wink on Twitter,” Vaynerchuk said in the interview. “Consumers’ BS radars are much better than we think and they’re going to continue to get better in this transparent world.”

To listen to the complete NPR interview, and read an excerpt from “The Thank You Economy,” click here.