How to Promote Your Shop on Foursquare

Nov 29, 2011

Does your shop have a mayor? If you’re listed on foursquare and customers are regularly checking in at your shop, chances are one of your most-loyal customers has claimed the title. If your shop doesn’t have a mayor, if you’re not even familiar with what foursquare is, you could be missing out on an inexpensive way to attract new customers and engage current ones, according to a recent article by Carmine Gallo.

“You might have heard of foursquare, but if you’re not using it for business, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing and engagement tool that can help any business-large or small-tell its brand story to an entirely new category of consumer,” Gallo wrote.

With foursquare, a location-based social networking platform, people use their smartphones to check in to places like restaurants, gyms, stadiums and even your restoration shop, and then share that information with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Users compete for badges, points and “mayorships,” a title awarded to the person who checks into a place most-frequently.

“The app is fun and can make the world a more interesting place,” Gallo wrote. “But the full power of foursquare is unleashed by giving local businesses a tool to attract, retain and engage their customers in ways that were never possible.”

Some of the ways businesses can do that is by offering rewards to or hosting events for people who check in via foursquare.

“People want to do more than purchase products,” Gallo wrote. “They want an experience and since they are increasingly living their lives on their mobile phones, retailers who provide them with a mobile experience will stand out. It’s likely that your customers are already on Foursquare. Go ahead and check. You probably have a mayor and don’t even know it. They are waiting for you to engage them.”

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