How to Monitor What People Are Saying About Your Shop Online

Feb 21, 2012

People talk about every aspect of their lives online, including the positive and negative experiences they have at small businesses. Are you keeping track of what your customers are saying about your shop?

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) offered five ways to monitor the conversation in a recent article, including:

Google Alerts. “Setting yourself up to receive Google Alerts any time your business name is mentioned is easy,” the association suggested. “Simply type your business name into the “search terms” field. Pick how often you’d like alerts to come to you and what kind of content you’d like to be made aware of.”

Online communities. “Community-based sites like Yelp invite users to ‘friend’ each other and interact, but behind it all is the ability for those users to rate and comment on the businesses in your community-including yours,” the NFIB wrote. “With a five-star rating system, a quick search of your small business will show you your rating on the site, which customers and clients are visiting your business, and more importantly, which ones are talking about you.”

Twitter. “Whether it’s someone simply stating that they just left your business or a 140-character review of a recent visit, will show you any ‘tweet’ which contains your business’ name,” the association advised. “You don’t have to be a Twitter user to take advantage of this search function, but you do to respond to tweet that mention your business!”

To read the complete NFIB article, click here.