How to Manage Employees From Multiple Generations

Jul 11, 2011

In some workplaces, employers are managing workers from up to four different generations-veterans (those over 65), Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers.

“This demographic mix makes for richly diverse workplaces, experts say, with each generation bringing a distinguishing set of strengths,” Marjo Johne wrote in a recent article for The Globe and Mail. “But it also creates challenges for employers who must strike a happy balance between workers who are often separated by differences in values, communication styles and attitudes.”

Johne spoke with several managers who’ve worked with multiple generations of employees, getting their advice on how to create the best environment for all of these employees.

They suggest discovering what motivates each age group, learning how each age group prefers to communicate, establishing mentor programs and eliminate hierarchical structures.

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