How to Launch a Successful E-Newsletter

Sep 2, 2011

Your competitors and suppliers are sending out e-newsletters. Does that mean you should do the same? Before jumping on the e-newsletter bandwagon, contributor John D. Leavy offered a few things for you to consider.

“It takes time, money and energy to produce a newsletter that people look forward to reading, enjoy and are willing to pass on to their friends and colleagues,” he wrote. “Before you make this commitment, you should have a mission for the newsletter and a plan for creating it on a regular basis.”

Leavy broke down the following five areas every small business should examine before launching an e-newsletter.

The Mission: “Regardless of the mission you choose, you should let the reader know your intentions about the direction of the publication and stick to that plan,” Leavy wrote.

The Content: “Readers are looking for timely, practical, useful information,” Leavy wrote.

The Frequency: “Newsletters need to come out on some schedule so people can anticipate receiving them,” Leavy wrote.

The Metrics: “You can find out how many people received the e-mail, how many bounced because of a bad e-mail address, how many people opened the newsletter, how many forwarded it to friends, and more,” Leavy wrote.

Serving the Reader: “Find out what they are interested in knowing or learning,” Leavy wrote.

He also instructed businesses to respect the reader’s time. “If a newsletter cannot be read within five minutes, it’s destined for the trash folder.”

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