How to Get Better Results From Your Company’s Landing Page

May 9, 2011

What do visitors first see when they click on your website? Is it inviting? Does it make them want to learn more about your shop?

Jason Hennessey, CEO of Everspark Interactive, a full-service SEO agency specializing in helping clients improve search rankings, shared with Small Biz Daily five areas small business owners should focus on to get better results from their landing pages.

The first area Hennessey mentioned is your link. Do your links actually target relevant pages? It is a common mistake to aim every link to the homepage, but does this actually relate to the link visitors clink on in the first place?

The second area is your content. How much information have you provided on your pages? How have you titled you pages and more importantly, named products?

The third area is your calls to action.

“If you assume that visitors will not scroll down the page then you need to ensure you include the attention grabbing attention at the top, along with links or buttons to either purchase your products or request further information about your services,” Hennessey wrote.

The fourth area is your page aesthetics.

“Just like a bricks and mortar store, you want to enhance your visitors experience and instantly make them feel that they have come to a website that is both credible and trustworthy,” Hennessey wrote.

The fifth area is your overall site design.

“Try to keep your site design and landing pages clean and uncluttered, especially when you want a particular call of action,” Hennessey wrote.

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