How Facebook’s EdgeRank Changes Could Affect You

Oct 26, 2012

As you may have noticed, Facebook has changed its EdgeRank formula and is now placing posts from pages into feeds based on engagement.

Where previously posts any page a user liked showed up in their feed, now priority is given to posts from pages with high engagement.

“In plain English basically if a post has lots likes and comments it will be shown more than posts that don’t have lots of likes and comments,” Samuel Junghenn wrote in a recent article for Social Media Today. “This is a logical move by Facebook as they try to show to their users more relevant and engaging content in an effort to keep them on the platform longer.”

Some small businesses, according to Junghenn, may see this change as Facebook’s way to incentivize brands to spend money on Promoted Posts, which will be shown to more users than regular posts will.

He counters that he believes this change will instead encourage all Facebook users to post more engaging content that will be liked and shared.

“In my opinion this will force Page Owners to really engage with their users, post higher quality content and improve the value they are giving to users,” he wrote. “All which are great things for Facebook and the users of Facebook. While a few companies will take advantage of the change and use promoted posts to make their updates viral it should only be a few companies.”

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