How to Effectively Delegate

Sep 8, 2011

When you started out your business, you did it all. Working 12 or more hours a day, you not only built the cars but also handled the books, the marketing, the shipping, answered the phones. Now that you’ve hired employees, it’s time to hand some of those responsibilities off, so wrote Ashley Bodi, co-founder of, in a recent Young Entrepreneur Council article.

“As entrepreneurs, we think we are the only one who can get the job done,” she wrote. “We have a hard time letting go of the reins, and letting other qualified people help us in areas where we need assistance. But if you don’t learn to allow others to help you-especially in your areas of weakness-you set yourself up to become overwhelmed and frustrated.”

Bodi offered small business owners three tips for successfully delegating.

First, hire the right people for the right task, and make sure they have an understanding of your business and mission.

Second, know everyone’s strengths so you can delegate effectively.

Third, explain the tasks to employees, and don’t assume they know exactly what to do on their own.

Following this model will ultimately save you time and help your business succeed.

“In the beginning, you’re not just the CEO of your business,” Bodi wrote.” You’re the customer service rep, you’re in charge of scheduling, planning, bookkeeping; the list goes on. But as your business grows, and you hire a team, they become partially responsible for the success of your business.”

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