How do you use social media to market your auto accessory store?

Jan 23, 2013

Rock and Roll Offroad, a shop that specializes in offroad accessory installation for all types of trucks, SUVs and Jeeps based in North Richland Hills, Texas, has more than 5,000 Facebook fans. Acquiring that many fans might seem like a chore to some, but the restyling shop’s owner and operator, Jared Pugh, says Rock and Roll accidentally stumbled into success with social media.

The offroad shop didn’t anticipate such a strong following on the Web, but Pugh admits it’s the best marketing tool Rock and Roll has encountered since its foundation in 2003.

Whether highlighting current projects, posting photos or providing updates on the racing endeavors of the trophy truck maintained by the shop, Pugh and his crew try to keep Rock and Roll Offroad’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as up to date as possible to generate free word-of-mouth advertising.

“It’s a lot of fun to watch the social media stuff and see what the public has to say,” Pugh says. “Everybody wants to follow along with what the trophy truck is up to, and it always works in our favor to gain new fans and new exposure.”

Rock and Roll Offroad’s experience with social media isn’t an uncommon success story. According to online marketing group Shebang, 63% of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness, and 44% of marketers say they acquired new customers from Twitter in 2012.

In addition, Shebang also reported that the average budget spent on company blogs and social media has nearly tripled in three years.

As the perceived value of social media marketing for today’s businesses continues to grow, more and more establishments are beefing up their online presence, whether through a blog or via websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Although I am a millennial, a generation that grew up connected to the Internet and all of its offerings, I still find the social media world intimidating. And from the experience and effort it has taken to re-launch Restyling’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, I wonder if creating successful social media campaigns is easier said than done.

Creating the page itself requires a few simple choices and posting content is simple enough, but acquiring friends and followers takes a bit more exertion.  It’s interesting to be involved in a campaign where your status is ultimately decided by how many “likes” you can obtain. I admit I still rejoice with every new follower and secretly want to exclaim “They like us; they really like us!”

As Restyling continues to expand its Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn networks, I truly admire businesses that have been able benefit from successful social network campaigns. What’s your secret?

Tell us how you have used social media to bring profit to your restyling business. Do you have any advice for other auto accessory dealers when it comes to maintaining successful campaigns?