How to Define Your Company’s Marketing Message

Aug 22, 2011

The first steps in creating your marketing strategy are to identify your audience and craft a message targeted to that audience, according to entrepreneur and journalist Susan Solovic in a recent posting on the Up and Running Blog.

“Long before you start choosing how you want to market your small business, you have to decide what it is you want to say,” Solovic wrote. “What is your marketing message? It’s not uncommon to have different messages for different markets, but it’s critical to focus on something from the start and be consistent.”

Solovic provided the following four guidelines:

  • Be concise. “Don’t include everything there is to know about your business in your marketing materials,” she suggested.
  • Be consistent.“Don’t confuse people with too many things, and don’t change your message frequently,” Solovic wrote.
  • Focus on the customer. “Always create marketing messages that feature the customer, rather than your product or service,” she suggested.
  • Deliver on your promises. “Never guarantee something in your marketing materials unless you are absolutely positive you can deliver on that promise every single time,” she wrote.

“Finally, make sure all of your marketing messages match your actions,” Solovic wrote. “If you tell people in your marketing campaigns that customer service is paramount, but you have people in your organization who ignore complaints or don’t act on orders, then you minimize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.”

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