How to Create Buzz-Worthy Content for Your Website

Nov 15, 2011

The success of your shop’s website, blog and social media efforts depend largely on the content you’re posting. Is it interesting to your target customers? Do they want to share it with their friends?

Creating the kind of content that gets passed around the web and brings more attention to your shop can be simple and inexpensive, according to Michael Durwin, director of user experience at Boston Technologies, whose seven essential steps for creating buzz-worthy content were recently discussed in an article on Open Forum by Erica Swallow.

Durwin’s essential steps include:

  • Leverage your resources. “If you can find the people in your company that love to do things like tweet, update Facebook and take pictures around the office, grab those people and deputize them,” Durwin said. “Empower them to publish more content about your brand.”
  • Identify ambassadors. “Sometimes the best candidates for representing a company aren’t your employees, but your biggest fans,” according to Swallow. “Identify the most passionate section of your company’s user base. Sometimes these fans are already creating content about the company.”
  • Make your stuff shareable. “Make sure you add buttons to everything,” Durwin said. “Every page on your website should have a Like button, a Google+ button, a tweet button, an e-mail button-any conceivable way of sharing.”
  •  Monitor and respond. “You need to go back, see what everybody’s saying about it and respond,” Durwin said. “Don’t wait a week, don’t wait a day, don’t wait a month. Be checking it every single day. Do it again and again until it becomes second nature.”

To get more of Durwin’s tips, read the complete Open Forum article here.