How to Ask Questions to Increase Facebook Fan Engagement

Dec 14, 2012

Creating compelling, interesting content for your Facebook be a challenge.

One solution can be to post questions for you Facebook fans, according to Jasmine Henry, who covered the topic recently for Inbound Marketing Agents.

“Your company could have a million fans on social media networks, but if your Facebook page is completely silent, your social media strategy isn’t succeeding,” Henry wrote. “Total number of Facebook likes is a vanity metric, and engagement is a much better indicator of your overall success.”

Henry recommends asking questions to increase Facebook engagement. She shared these three tips for crafting engaging questions.

1. They make your fans feel valued but not like they’re part of a focus group. “Asking people about their favorite summer recipes will get them talking,” she wrote. “Asking people how many calories they tend to consume at a 4th of July barbeque is just too personal and data-driven.”

2. They’re not offensive and won’t start an argument. “Few companies can get away with including religious or political questions, even in the heat of election season,” Henry wrote. “No one wants to be stuck trying to objectively moderate a heated discussion in the comments, either.”

3. Open-ended questions are always better than yes/no topics. “If you want to know about your fans’ favorite morning beverages, asking, ‘What drink is your favorite way to start the day’ will result in better dialogue than just asking, ‘Coffee or tea?'” she wrote.

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