Hanging on by a thread!

Jan 4, 2011

Trimmers may be losing business as a result of these side impact bags. I would phrase the issue as a statement followed by a question:  Many 1998 and newer vehicles have Side Impact Airbags concealed under the outboard side upholstery of the front bucket seat backrests. This section of the upholstery is sewn together with a special thread which allows deployment of the bag by blowing apart the stitching. When a customer comes in with damage to this of the backrest, trim shops options are severely limited.  In many cases OE covers are no longer available from the dealer and the customer has no interest in a leather conversion or slip -on covers.

What should be a simple insert creates frustration for both the customer and ourselves.  How can trimmers deal with the issue of doing inserts on the backrests of cars equipped with Side Impact Airbags.