Got news? I can help you spread the word.

Sep 25, 2012

Before I became the staff writer for Restyling and Performance Business magazines, the only exposure I thought I had to the auto industry was when I took my 2008 Honda CR-V in for servicing  at the local Honda dealership.

The more I learn about the automobile aftermarket, the more I realize that my vehicle and I are strangers, and that I have truly undervalued my CR-V’s features and potential. I am happy to report that I am putting more of an effort into our relationship.

More importantly, engaging in the industry daily has opened my eyes to a bank of interesting news that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to report. I never thought I would be drawn to the automotive aftermarket; its fast-paced, ever-changing nature and dedicated enthusiasts make for great news.

And I have learned quickly that it is really the people in the industry that make it amazing. As a result, we rely on you for the best industry news.

So as the trade shows creep closer, please send any company news you have my way.

Whether you have recruited new team members, are involved with a special charity, have some great business advice or would like to propose discussions on any aftermarket-related issues, let me know at or (303) 469-0424 ext. 234.

Although we can’t use everything we receive, we’ll work to accommodate as many requests as possible.

I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from everyone I have communicated with so far, and look forward to supplying you with all of the latest industry news.