Gas prices: Have they affected any aspect of your aftermarket sales?

Jun 8, 2012

Gas. Prices go up a little. Prices drop a little. No matter the reasons, consumers take the cost of gas to heart when they’re looking for a new vehicle.

Just a couple of weeks ago Toyota’s hybrid Prius — once one of those fringe-, then niche-market vehicles — came in as the No. 3 best-selling car in the world, fueled by a 42% rise in sales in the United States. Only Toyota’s Corolla and Ford’s Focus sold more globally. And recent reports show that Americans are looking more for higher-mpg vehicles (which is why automakers have been beefing up production).

Not only  hybrids, but electric cars are gaining traction. And automakers, looking to help the consumer get relief from gas prices, plan to produce more turbo-equipped vehicles.

Plus, big American cars have all but disappeared. Midsize is the new Big.

So with the changing purchase patterns of the auto buyer, are you seeing shifts in aftermarket purchases?