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Footwear Company Finds Opportunity in Aftermarket Tires

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With efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of most businesses today, the idea of combing business-to-business resources has started to take a foothold in today’s business economy. 

In the case of Timberland, the high-end outdoor apparel manufacturer, sustainability is quite literally taking a step in the right direction. Through a partnership with tire manufacture Omni United, Timberland has developed a line of Timberland Tires that serve the dual purpose of keeping cars rolling safely before being recycled into the soles of Timberland footwear.

It’s a vehicle-to-human transportation sustainability story. Omni United, a Singapore-based tire manufacturer with sales in over 80 countries and 10 offices in the U.S., has partnered with Timberland, based in Stratham, New Hampshire, to roll out line of tires specifically designed to be repurposed as Timberland hiking wear after the tread life of the tires has expired.  

Timberland President Stewart Whitney explains that the partnership of tires and apparel may initially sound strange, it serves the needs of both companies.

“While this was surprising to many at first blush—Timberland in the tire business?—when you pull back the layers it makes perfect sense,” said Whitney. “We’re constantly looking for recycled rubber that meets our environmental and performance standards, while Omni seeks new after-life uses for its tires.

“Timberland Tires are purposely designed for a second life; when their road life is complete, they’re recycled into the outsoles of Timberland shoes. In essence, two companies collaborating across industries to create a more sustainable lifecycle for rubber. I see lots more collaboration like this happening over the next five years.”

Timberland Tires initially come in two models: Timberland Cross, with sizes for CUVs and SUVs and a 65,000-mile warranty; and the Timberland A/T with a 50,000-mile tread-wear warranty and sizes for SUVs and light trucks. The company describes the life of the tire in five steps:

1)    Designed with sustainability in mind without sacrificing performance.

2)    Manufactured in the U.S. with both domestic and imported materials.

3)    Enjoyable first life as long-wearing, all-season tires.

4)    Crumb rubber is sent to Timberland and turned into outsoles.

5)    Timberland footwear will feature outsoles with 10-percent recycled tires.

With 250 stores and 7,000 employees worldwide, Timberland’s business philosophy is “Doing Well and Doing Good” by delivering world class products, making a difference in the world community at large and creating value to consumers, employees and business partners around the world.

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