Fatman Fabrications to Assemble Complete 1955-1957 Chevy Chassis on HRR Trade Show Floor

Mar 9, 2011

In addition to meeting with exhibitors and  checking out all of the pristine show cars, attendees of the 13th annual Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show will also have the opportunity to watch as technicians from Fatman Fabrications assemble a complete 1955-1957 Chevy chassis, right on the show floor. The demo area will take place in booth No. 843 during show hours on Saturday, March 19. Hotrod & Restoration talked to Fatman Fabrications owner Brent VanDervort to find out more about this exciting demonstration.

HRR: Can you tell us a little bit more about the demo you have planned?

Brent VanDervort: We will have our display chassis for 1955-1957 Chevys. It’s been freshly painted and we will be assembling it in conjunction with the people from RideTech. We’ll being using their coil-overs, ShockWaves and [other] products on it. [It should take] about four or five hours.

HRR: Will there be anybody doing commentary during the demo?

BD: I’ll be in our booth and our frame department specialist, Tim Tullo, will be accompanying me, so he’ll be there to answer any questions as well. The guys that are doing assembly work can also do that.

HRR: How will this tie in with your “Hot Rod Chassis Geometry & Design” seminar that you’re going to be presenting during the Education & Training Day on Thursday?

BD: We certainly will be using the techniques and technology that we’ll be talking about [in our seminar] for this chassis [demo]. The very principles that we’ll be explaining in the seminar will be seen in that chassis [assembly]. Our seminar is always about hot rod suspension and chassis design; it’s definitely just about Fatman Fabrications. It’s primarily more about the technology of the products.

HRR: How will show attendees benefit from watching the demonstration?

BD: I think they’ll see how easily [this chassis] goes together and how much time it can save them in a build by buying a complete chassis rather than modifying an original. I think that will be one of the big things. I think the crux of the deal is that not only are our customers aging, but so are our technicians, and buying a new chassis saves an awful lot of time on creepers and on your knees and back, which is more and more of a liability as the years roll by. In fact, that’s actually my sales pitch for a new chassis Fatman is doing for 1949-1951 Fords: “Get off the creepers, stand up and have some fun. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!”

To watch Fatman’s live chassis assembly, go to booth No. 843.To get more information about this chassis, stop by Fatman Fabrications’ booth (No. 334) on the show floor. For more information on the HRR Trade Show, go to www.hotrodshow.com.