Is Facebook a Waste of Time for Your Business?

Nov 12, 2010

A new BNET article by Lydia Dishman discusses whether setting up a Facebook page for your business is worthwhile or not.

The article touts the benefits of belonging to the site that boasts over 500 million active users, 65 percent of whom follow a company or brand, while cautioning businesses who believe that simply having a Facebook page will draw customers.

“There’s one problem, however: Your business’ page is a microscopic fish in an ocean teeming with more than 1.5 million local business fan pages,” Dishman writes. “So-called ‘social media gurus’ may wax rhapsodic about Facebook’s spectacular ROI and how easy it is, but it takes work to stand out, even in a local crowd.”

Dishman then provides an example of a business’ Facebook page that isn’t succeeding and describes two that are in the BNET article, listing a few things that each is or isn’t doing well.

Read the complete BNET article here.