EXCLUSIVE: Tackling the Pressing Restyling Issues of the Day

Sep 23, 2015

Effective marketing programs, sales tools, supplier relations and overall productivity were among the pressing issues of the day discussed at a recent meeting of restyling industry professionals.

Restylers United is a “Twenty Group” that meets every six or eight months to discuss the challenges as well as opportunities involved in owning, operating and managing a successful restyling and truck accessories business.

Most have been in business at least a decade-some for multiple decades-and several members have received the Restyler of the Year award from SEMA’s PRO Council or Expediter of the Year from Mobile Electronics magazine.

The group’s most recent three-day event was held in Columbus, Ohio and was hosted by Josh Poulson of Columbus-based Auto Additions Inc.

Discussions included various business strategies that are effective in different major markets throughout the U.S., as well as effective marketing programs, sales tools, incentive programs and other promotional techniques.

Each member was challenged with presenting to the group one idea to help improve the business. Some of those ideas included setting up bulk fuel purchases, hosting daylong dealer-only events, providing addendum information on new car stickers, updating marketing materials and alternative bartering arrangements.

The group also welcomed manufacturer reps from Voxx International, Eastman/LLumar and Sport Truck USA, who provided an overview of products and intended applications, along with information on various programs designed to help promote sales and best practices for quick and trouble-free installations.

Other discussion topics involved manufacturer and supplier relationships, techniques and incentives for managing a sales staff, prioritizing installation schedules, technician training and apprenticeship programs, and overall productivity efficiencies-especially involving and being a provider for new technologies such as Wi-Fi connectivity.