Feb 13, 2013

Three custom engines will be on display at the Hot Rod & Restoration booth at the 2013 trade show in Indianapolis, March 14-16. The engines, built by Hot Rod & Restoration contributing tech writer Mike Mavrigian, include three distinctly different examples that befit the street rod and resto market.


–  A highly customized smallblock Chevy platform that features a Dart block & heads, and is bored/stroked to 383 CID. The unique features include a thoroughly ultra-smoothed-out exterior finished in an unconventional color, a custom fitted dual quad air cleaner assembly on the single-carb setup that captures the distributor, and a custom spark plug wire routing setup.

–   A “Retro” LS engine that harkens back to the old-school days of the smallblock Chevy. Over-bored to 327 CID, the vintage-flavor example is complete with early Chevy orange paint, carbureted intake system, a very vintage dual-snorkel air cleaner and custom-fabricated coil pack covers that are reminiscent of early-generation Chevy valve covers.

–   The latest build involves yet another LS platform, with this version utilizing an LQ9 6.0L iron block, bored and stroked to 408 CID. Among the cool features is a hi-rise intake topped with dual 600 cfm carbs and polished velocity stacks, along with adapter-mounted early-generation smallblock Chevy valve covers on the LS cylinder heads. We think you’ll like this one.

The 408 LS is currently under construction, and will debut at the show.

The hi-rise intake, topped with dual Holley carbs and stacks, will add an over-the-top appearance to our new LS build.

Feel free to stop by the HRR booth to view these engines and discuss technical details with the builder.