Sep 15, 2011

Pro Car Associates, Inc. will host highly regarded EFI University seminars on tuning electronic engine management systems at the Triplett Boulevard facility in Akron, OH on October 1, 2 and 3, 2010.

The first two days will encompass EFI 101, a 1.5 day session which focuses upon providing the student with the basics of electronic ignition and fuel injection systems – the components, their function and their working interrelationships, tuning calibration methods, and the correct tuning procedures from beginning to end.

The third day (October 3) is a full day of hands-on, real world application of materials taught in the EFI 101 course. The course is presented in eight modules, with one-on-one coaching from an EFI University Certified Trainer.  The students will work with the chassis dynamometer for application of the proper vehicle tuning parameters.

Pro Car Associates was selected by EFI University to host the three day seminar because it offers a 2400 horsepower rated (at the vehicle’s wheels) chassis dynamometer, capable of steady state testing with load control for accurate tuning of vehicle parameters.

Pro Car’s Vice President, Chris Wright, an Akron University graduate electrical engineer, has completed the EFI University Advanced course and is extending his knowledge with additional on-line training modules.

Wright notes, “We at Pro Car offer a rather unique opportunity to the EFI University students, since we offer chassis dynamometer, plus the engine dynamometer (to give the students an understanding of that tool) to assist in the training of certified technicians.”

For more information regarding this seminar, contact Pro Car Associates at 330-773-0341.