Editor: Whew!

Nov 1, 2010

Showtime, already?

I’d worked especially hard during the past four months to get all of my editorial ducks in a row in order to grab a vacation – an actual one – four weeks before the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s big show in November. I knew I’d have to do the extra effort because some of those ducks were wont to fly away.

Most of the folks I wanted to be part of the many restyling-tailored articles and featured showcases during this period came through, even though they and I knew their time, too, was at a premium. I respect all who squeezed just a little more time out of their 25-hour workdays to answer those editorial queries and gather up a few photos that turn into articles appearing in the magazine and on our website. They’re champs. And they do it for you.

Not just we industry editors feel the time crunch months before the big Las Vegas show and the maddening rush just weeks before we pack up, go, set up and hope all of our work proves fruitful. While four months’ planning prior to the show seems enough, in reality it’s not; some people begin their next-year’s planning and work right after the show ends.

Yes, everyone seems to be working harder these days. And don’t we have to?

The payoff, though, is that first day of the show. Then the second day, the third and the fourth. Restylers, jobbers and tuners seeing you at your booth and learning what you have to offer this year stop in for a look-see, a bit of an education, maybe an especially good deal.

Love those payoffs.

But we have to help make that happen, those of us who’ve leased some of that show floor space. We have to offer you something for your time, your effort, your interest. And that doesn’t mean some giveaway trinkets to stuff in a bag (although they can be fun, right?). No, substance is what people want. Quality is what they demand. With all that’s happened in the economies round the world and here at home, because we’ve been working harder and even more diligently these past few years, all of us look ever more closely at the products and services we receive – and offer. And that’s a good thing, an important thing.

Here at Restyling, not only have our magazine and website been steadily offering and advancing an even stronger mission to enhance and further develop the restyling aftermarket industry with even more well-timed articles, product presentations, online information, pictorial How-Tos, real-world market trend news and more, we’ve been busy behind the scenes consistently directing more of our efforts to supply more for this demanding group of automotive pros.

This month, for example, our redesigned, information-packed, interactive website debuts (I hope you’ve signed on for the Premium version because it’s worth it). Look for the new site soon at restylingmag.com.

Our publisher, Bob Carnahan, joined PRO’s (Professional Restylers Organization) Select Committee to help keep Restyling’s readers’ interests front and center. Plus, PRO’s current chair, Karl Stearns, is a monthly contributor to Restyling.

We’re also preparing for our own restylers’ event in February 2012, tailored to your business needs. Watch for more news on this.

And, of course, while at the show, come by our booth, No. 20959 in the Racing & Performance section of the Central Hall. We’ve got an all-new look and a special video for you to view. You can sign up for the 2011 magazines and website, and have a chat with us, tell us what more can do for you.

Yes, we’ve all been hard at work. But, for you, it’s so well worth it.