The Dynamometer Market

Oct 15, 2010

Dynamometer Market

  • A dynamometer investment will help a performance shop gain more market share.
  • A dynamometer adds credibility.
  • Gives serious shops advanced tuning capabilities;
  • Enables shops to quantify power gains.

 Dynamometer prices have remained stable.

  • Related equipment costs have also remained stable or gone down.
  • Attractive finance rates are available.

Dynamometers are available in a variety of configurations for a variety of vehicle types:

  • Above-ground;
  • Pit;
  • Test cells.

Understanding dynamometer needs and expectations:

  • For some shops, the choice is related to the market and customer base.
  • A versatile, expandable dyno may be necessary for shops with a diverse customer base.

Return On Investment

  • ROI: First-time buyers often experience a significant amount of new business.
  • A dyno should be a profit center.

Dyno ownership and overall business plan involves:

  • Evaluation of upfront price vs. long-term cost of ownership and long-term effects of ownership.
  • Physical installation and set-up;
  • Business adjustments to take full advantage of the equipment.
  • Knowledgeable employees:
  • The most important step is training;
  • Employees must understand equipment and all the variables;
  • Most major dyno suppliers offer training to help employees get up to speed.

Marketing Dyno Services

  • Incorporate into the business plan;
  • Offer services to shops and race teams;
  • Use the dyno as a showpiece;
  • Host Customer Events
  • Open house or customer appreciation day;
  • Dyno Day for local dealerships and car clubs
  • Create tune packages incorporating dyno testing
  • Free dyno runs with select purchases.