MAHLE Motorsports' 2017 Application Guide — DOWNLOAD Below

DOWNLOAD: MAHLE Motorsports 2017 Application Guide

MAHLE has incorporated numerous new applications to this year’s application guide, including pistons for the 427 and 396 COPO Camaro, SBC 23º 350-383 Domed PowerPak Plus, SBC 23º 400-427 Domed PowerPak Plus, GM 5.3 L LT1, L83 PowerPak, and FA20 Sub BRZ, Scion FSR, Toy 86 PowerPak.

Download a PDF of the Application Guide by clicking the yellow download button below.

In recent years, MAHLE Motorsports-powered vehicles have won multiple championships in everything from the NASCAR Sprint Cup, American Le Mans, and World of Outlaws sprint cars to local circle track and drag strip championships across the country and everything else in between. MAHLE supported drivers also captured world records in the quarter mile and at the Bonneville Salt Flats, according to the company. 

MAHLE is the world's largest piston manufacturer, and is the leading piston liaison between upper level professional racing, OE and the specialty equipment automotive aftermarket, according to the company. The U.S. Motorsports division operates in Fletcher, North Carolina. 

For more information, contact, or call toll free: 888-255-1942.