Do you believe the economic news is really true?

Sep 16, 2011

Despite all the roller-coaster news that first predicts a bad month for vehicle sales only to find the opposite occurs … despite roller-coaster stock markets catching an economic flu whenever some new economic indicator report sneezes bad news … despite roller-coaster politicians of every stripe posturing and posing as having the solution to “putting America back on its feet” … despite earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes … the auto industry seems to be regaining — at least holding — its ground.

Are you restyling retailers and jobbers holding your ground? Is the economic news that’s reported actually true for you and your business?

A Sept. 15 trend report points to electronics, leather seats and seat heaters, PPF, side body moldings and step bars proving to be strong and/or growing aftermarket purchases during the 2nd quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. Are these products you are installing more of for dealers and/or individual consumers? Or are other aftermarket add-ons stronger for you?