Demon Carburetion & BG Fuel System Brands to Be Resurrected

Jul 25, 2011

The Demon Carburetion and BG Fuel System brands will soon be resurrected, it’s been announced.

Both brands, along with their parent company, Barry Grant, ceased operation in early 2011.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy in Oct. 2009, officially shut down in February, citing the economic downturn as a reason for its demise.

“After a brief hiatus, plans are moving ahead rapidly to revive the popular Demon Carburetion and BG Fuel Systems brands,” the company said in a press release on Friday. “This new business will be run by a fresh team of race and performance enthusiasts.”

The following was posted on the Barry Grant DemonCarburetion Facebook page: “High Performance Industries, the company that also owns Holley, purchased other loans secured by substantially all of Barry Grant’s operating assets. The operating assets collateralizing these notes were then sold at public auction to High Performance Industries on July 6, 2011.”

According to a comment left on the company’s Facebook page, previous owner Barry Grant will no longer be involved with the company.

The company also indicated that it will be relaunching the Barry Grant brand later this year at the 2011 SEMA Show.

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