Mar 28, 2011

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) the leader in thermal tuning products and cryogenic intake systems announces an expanded product sponsorship program for 2011 that includes Spa Turbo USA and Radiator Relief.

DEI’s generous sponsorship policy offers racers, enthusiasts and project builders the opportunity to acquire any DEI branded product – Ny-Trex, CryO2, Boom Mat, Radiator Relief or Spa Turbo USA – in exchange for product exposure at race and show events.  This program is designed to provide the maximum opportunity for DEI brands to receive media exposure and consumer awareness while providing the recipients with the finest high performance products completely free of charge, or at a major price discount.

The 2011 sponsorship program covers any type of vehicle including: cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, karts, boats and personal watercraft.  There is no limitation to race series or class, or show vehicle category, or the number of products or product mix that can be requested. While the sponsorship program  is open to all enthusiasts and racers, regardless of level of ability, criteria has been established to justify either full or partial sponsorship and will be based on the required proposal submission.

Mike Zenone, DEI’s Business Development Manager, says, “This program is a win-win for both DEI and for anyone that chooses to participate.  We developed this program to leverage our exposure at events and to utilize the feedback for future product development. DEI understands that not everyone can be on the national show/race circuit so we try to accommodate by offering at the very least a discount and decal program.”

DEI product sponsorship opportunities include: any DEI thermal tuning products, CryO2 cryogenic systems and components, Boom Mat performance acoustic material, any Ny-Trex nitrous system or component product, as well as Radiator Relief and in-stock Spa Turbo USA products.  Each proposal should include the following: driver/owner information, vehicle information inclusive of photos, sponsorship list, show schedule, past show events, list of projected media coverage and past media coverage, a description of your commitment and how you plan to promote DEI products and brand(s), location(s) of supplied branded logos, and the potential to provide video, releases or other media material via the approved sponsorship.

To learn more about DEI’s 2011 product sponsorship program or to apply online, visit, or e-mail: