Debunking the Common Myths About Social Media & Your Business

Aug 16, 2011

Is social media a part of your shop’s marketing strategy? Whatever your answer, the amount of time you are, or aren’t, dedicating to social media could be dictated by myths and misinformation a recent Forbes article set out to disprove.

“There is so much noise about social media, much of it not very helpful,” wrote contributor Neal Rodriguez. “Myths about how and why to use these networks abound, spread by networking neophytes and so-called experts (like me) alike.”

“The truth is the answers to these questions keep changing, because we are only beginning to understand how to harness social networks to unlock the Web’s true potential,” Rodriguez continued. “We are learning, day by day. What none of us can afford is to stand by and watch it all unfold. There’s money to be made, after all!”

Rodriguez explored 10 social media myths in his article, including “Everybody is on social media,” “You can’t do it all in-house,” “Social media can replace your website” and “Blogging is a waste of time.”

Of the myth “Everybody is on social media,” Rodriquez wrote: “Experts will show you pretty statistics on how more than 80 percent of people heard of a product through social media. This is a scare tactic to get you to hire them. The truth is social media is not on every one’s radar-not yet, anyway.”

Of the myth “You can’t do it all in-house,” Rodriguez wrote: “Why it’s perpetuated: Consultants make it appear that campaigns launched on social media networks are the product of occult practices involving three blind witches that play hot potato with one eye ball they all share to see. If they show you how you could do much of it yourself, why would you hire them?”

Of the myth “Social media can replace your website,” Rodriguez wrote: “Why it’s perpetuated: Social media is the new shiny red apple. It’s not going anywhere, but neither are websites.”

Of the myth “Blogging is a waste of time,” Rodriguez wrote: “Why it’s perpetuated: There is so much noise on the Internet, why bother blogging? Here’s why: It gives you a voice and at least a modicum of control of your brand-especially if you really have something important to say and you say it on a consistent basis.”

For these myths, and the six others shared in the article, Rodriguez provides action plans to help overcome your social media fears and develop a strategy that will bring more customers to your shop.

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