The new company facade at Oklahoma City-based DeatschWerks

DeatschWerks Triples Space with New Facility

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DeatschWerks, an Oklahoma City-based manufacturer and seller of aftermarket fuel systems, relocated to a new facility Feb. 21. The new facility, which remains in the downtown area just north of the capitol building, is nearly triple the size of its previous location, totaling 31,000 square feet.

Chris Mills, senior technical product specialist, told The SHOP that the company has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, prompting the need for more space. DeatschWerks has added a number of new products that the move will accommodate, including filters, fittings, fuel lines and fuel rails.

“Before, we just had office space for the technical department and then we would have to go into the production environment to basically borrow their equipment,” said President David Deatsch with a laugh. “So, getting orders out the door and making new products were always a priority over troubleshooting, improving existing products and coming up with new products.

“Now, we have our own space for research and development that has the same equipment as production, but we’re not having to share," Deatsch added. “It’s about efficiency and quality and the ability to create better products."

The research and development space will focus on gasoline direct injection. 

“We now have space for some highly specialized equipment, where none of our competitors will have the kind of testing capabilities that we will,” Deatsch said.

The company also has doubled space for sales and marketing, so it can add more sales associates and better serve the needs of dealers and customers, as well as an R&D garage for installation and in-house testing, things DeatschWerks had to rely on dealers and distributors for in the past.

Mills predicts a seamless transition.

“A couple months before the move, we notified all our dealers and distributors. We’ve already changed all of our paperwork, and the phone numbers and emails will all stay the same,” he said. 

In fact, pump production and injection production are already up and running, and everyone is settled into offices, according to Mills.

Despite the significant change of environment, Mills reported that the company has been able to retain the values and culture its old facility held.

“The owner of the company has always liked supporting local,” he said. “At our old facility, we had a mural wall that was done by a local artist. It was a very intriguing place to work and we really tried to carry that over to the new facility.”

To celebrate its new location, the company will open its doors to local customers and dealers for an open house featuring live music, food, and an open bar this spring. Stay tuned for more details.