Dealers not showing add-ons? Time to really market to consumer?

Sep 5, 2011

Is there good news in my observation?

Recently I have had six contacts with new trucks: a GM, a Ford and four Toyotas.

They seemed to be a bit more traditional in their appearance and accessorization – but PPF, running boards, graphics/pinstripes, grilles and, even more notably, bedliners were absent on new trucks being delivered and on dealers’ lots.

I wonder, could it be that our auto dealer brethren are going back to the old days of delivering vehicles without expensive packages and letting buyers then seek out the best accessories at restyling shops for their individual expenditure?

Could this be good news for restyling shops or bad news for mobile dealer expediters?

Possibly, restylers will need to increase their marketing efforts to the consumer to help regain the aftermarket business.

What do you think?