CTEK Visits ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

Nov 12, 2014

CTEK leaders Jon Lind, CEO, and Matt Ingram, sales and marketing manager, recently appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage to discuss the latest trends in battery charger technology.

Leno, the retired host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, owns approximately 286 vehicles-169 automobiles and 117 motorcycles, according to a press release. Jay Leno’s Garage is hosted at the NBC website and contains video clips and photos of his automobiles and segments about automotive items of interest to him.

During the segment Leno recorded with Lind and Ingram, the noted car enthusiast admitted that he was misinformed about battery chargers, especially trickle chargers. Leno thought all you needed to do was put a trickle charger on your car, lawnmower or motorcycle and leave it on over the winter and then come back in the spring to a charged battery.

What Leno discovered many times was a dead battery, the release noted. He mistakenly thought the battery was the problem, when in fact it was the charger causing the issue.

Lind and Ingram explained to Leno that CTEK chargers help maximize the life of batteries by using a unique patented eight-step charging process that uses algorithms to monitor the condition of the battery.

When required, CTEK chargers can take the appropriate action: desulphating, reviving, charging, conditioning and maintaining.

“CTEK chargers are standard on many luxury cars,” explained Ingram to Leno, “and they are engineered for easy operation.”

Ingram said CTEK chargers are built with safety features such as being spark- and short-proof, and detect when the charger is incorrectly connected or the battery cannot take a charge.

At the conclusion of the segment, Leno said, “I think we’ve all learned something new today…I was very impressed and I hope you were too.”