Converting to Waterborne? PPG Offers Resources to Make Transition Easier

May 26, 2010

With California and Canada already passing legislation that requires low-VOC basecoats, and several more states considering doing the same, transitioning to waterborne is a topic on many rod shop owners’ minds. It may only be a matter of time before waterborne systems will be recommended throughout the country, according to PPG Industries.

To make the transition easier for shops, PPG offers its “Convert With Confidence” training program, which the company created in 2007 to provide shop owners and technicians with training and support before, during and after the conversions.

The company hosts “Convert With Confidence” seminars and training courses which include both hands-on and classroom instruction, covering everything a shop owner or technician needs to know about using a new waterborne system, according to PPG’s website. Off-site and on-site training is offered.

Topics covered include an overview of the product system, application techniques, spot repair and blending, product tips, equipment requirements, environmental, health and safety issues, waste handling, and color adjustment.

In addition to the seminars, PPG also offers a wealth of information about converting to waterborne on its website. A special section found here that includes frequently asked questions, a complete 30-day plan for converting, complete spray equipment information and more.

For more information on PPG’s “Convert With Confidence” seminars, go to