Connecticut Antique Vehicle Registration Bill Dies

Jun 15, 2011

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is reporting that a Connecticut bill designed to further restrict access to antique vehicle registration, as well as increase fees for car owners, died when the Connecticut Legislature adjourned for the year.

The bill, H.B 558, had been approved by the Joint Committee on Planning and Development and was amended to increase the age requirement for an antique vehicle to 30 years old. Currently, vehicles 20 years old and older are eligible for antique status. SAN was fighting the proposed legislation since it was introduced earlier this year. The legislation would have made it more expensive to register legitimate collector vehicles, according to SAN.

It would have also required antique, rare or special interest motor vehicles that no longer qualify for special plates to have them replaced with standard plates and taxed using the same calculations used to assess taxes on regular, daily driver vehicles.

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